Works (of the less serious variety)

The Tauntaun Song

A song about that scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back when a Tauntaun sacrifices its life for Luke Skywalker. From the perspective of the Tauntaun.

Stockholm Syndrome

A song about falling in love with a person who might not be the right choice for you. Maybe they’re emotionally unavailable or want different things. Or maybe they’re hardened criminals.

Republican in San Francisco

A song from a simpler time, when we could laugh about being on the opposite side of the political spectrum. These days, a song like this would have a very different tone.

Nine Swingin’ Nails

An a cappella jazz arrangement of… Nine Inch Nails songs. A live performance by The Richter Scales at the Harmony Sweepstakes in San Francisco

Playa Home Companion

A spoken word piece imagining what the Garrison Keillor radio show “Prairie Home Companion” would be like if it took place in the Black Rock Desert as part of the Burning Man festival.

High Notes

Because members of boy bands need love too…