Works (of the serious variety)

Death of a Playboy (excerpts)

A 30 minute opera about an ex-Playmate asked to eulogize Hugh Hefner at his funeral, despite her conflicted feelings about her experience and his legacy.

Now I Am Become

This meditation on the nature of existence and destruction is interpolated from the ancient Bhagavad Gita. The mortal Arjuna first sees the god Krishna in his full form and is nearly driven mad in terror. 

All the Heart

Part of The Google Variations, Brian used Google Translate to transform Yeat’s poem “Never Give All the Heart” into a beautiful choral expression on the nature of love.

L’Oiseaux Libre

A tour de force for violin and piano, this piece was conceived as an encore and riffs on a few brief phrases from the iconic rock anthem, ‘Freebird’.

On The Rails for string quartet

A three movement piece for string quartet, the first movement features rhythmic neo-minimalism, the second a tango, and the third a whirling climax.

The Kiss

A setting of the Ann Sexton poem for mezzo soprano. Part of the song cycle A Brief History of Love and Poetry